Why I’m Buying An Xbox One

Before I begin, let me say that this post (like this entire blog) is my perspective only. I know other people have differing opinions about things and I respect that. I just wanted to get that out of the way before discussing.

This week, I pre-ordered an Xbox One. For some reason, I feel like I have left myself vulnerable to attack by saying that because so far Microsoft seems to have done a pretty good job at making sure everybody hated this system. In fact, it sort of feels like I have to defend myself against the Playstation fanboys like I had to do with the original Xbox.

So I guess I will do just that. Give the reasons why I am buying the Xbox One and give my thoughts on the reasons why people would not like the Xbox.

Xbox History
I have owned Xbox’s ever since it’s release in 2001. I remember going to the 24 hour Wal-Mart with my father for the midnight release.

I did not get the Xbox 360 on launch day for financial reasons. However, I did end up buying it within 3 months of its launch.

I just love these consoles.

Favorite modern game franchise. Enough said.

My Friends are all Playstation Fans
Please note, that I said fans. Not fanboys (big difference). It can be pretty much guaranteed that my friends will all buy the Playstation 4, so I will be able to get any exposure to PS4 games that I want from them.

Media Capabilities
This is what really put me over the edge for the Xbox. I love the concept of brining voice activated functionality to my TV. In fact, this is the only real reason I am excited to have a Kinect forced upon me.

Microsoft has always wanted the actual purpose of the Xbox line of consoles to be the Trojan horse to ruling the living room and the Xbox One really doubles down on that. They did an entire press conference to discuss its media capabilities. This really promises to be the future of how we consume media.

Always On
Okay this is where we start to get in to the topics that some people may have differing opinions on. Remember, this is my perspective.

I love that this thing is connected to the Internet all the time and always on. I love that this allows me to never have to wait to do anything because of a system update. I love that my video game collection can follow me around to other consoles.

Most of all, I love that I won’t have to ever go to a store to buy a game again. I don’t want to deal with manuals, discs, or cases ever again. I have done that all my life and do you know what that has gotten me? The need to store those things.

Finally if we are being honest with ourselves, we already have a ton of devices around us that require an always on Internet connection to work to their fullest potential. All of my computers, my smartphone, and even my BluRay player need an Internet connection.

It’s just how modern devices work.

I know Microsoft back pedaled on this somewhat, and I think that this will help people that are in the extenuating circumstances and I do think that it is a good thing. I was just not one of the people that carried a pitchfork over this.

Game Rentals and Used Games
Microsoft changed their mind on this, but I want to comment on it anyways. I don’t rent games. When I buy games, I buy them new. These are just things I don’t do.

I also do not sell my games back to GameStop or other companies. The amount of money they have offered me in the past, I found to be insulting quite frankly.

Good things cost good money. Microsoft’s requirement that Kinect be bundled will probably go down as a controversial decision in video gaming history as it added an extra $100 to the price. Only time will tell if this will actually matter.