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Creating a Magento 2 Shipping Module

Posted On: Sep 10, 2015 by Josh Pennington
Note: This post goes over how to create a shipping module (and to a certain extent a generic module) in Magento 2. If we are being honest, there are a lot of things in here that work, but I am not 100% sure WHY they work. Shipping was my first deep dive in to Magento 2 so a lot of this was deconstructed by looking at the elsewhere in Magento 2. Ok a Magento 2...

How I Handle Modules In Magento

Posted On: Aug 29, 2015 by Josh Pennington
When I was learning how to use Magento back in 2010, everything was taught to be placed in a separate module. This made sense. You want your code to be modular so that you can easily move it from one installation to another and most of the people implementing Magento probably are doing work for multiple instances of Magento. However, I work for a single company and we run a single instance of Magento. Does...

Cron in Magento 2

Posted On: Aug 23, 2015 by Josh Pennington
As of this writing, the Magento 2 admin panel refers to the cron.php file. This appears to be a reference to the file in Magento 1 that handled all it’s cron jobs. In Magento 2, this has been moved to a command line utility. Now the overall use of this is a post for another day, but for now you can know that you run the following command from the terminal to execute the cron...

Custom Magento 2 Module Does Not Show Categories

Posted On: Aug 23, 2015 by Josh Pennington
I ran into this problem when I successfully created my first Magento 2 module. The categories were just nowhere to be found. The problem turned out to be that my layout XML file did not have the layout tag included in it. For the most part this XML was copied and adapted from the tutorial I used. The layout XML file I had looked like the following: <page xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../../../../../lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd"> <body> <referenceContainer name="content"> <block class="Ocaff\CustomPage\Block\CustomPage"...

Creating A Module in Magento 2

Posted On: Aug 23, 2015 by Josh Pennington
There are plenty of resources out there to explain how to make a module in Magento 2 so I will add to the noise. I will just leave you a the link that explained it well enough that I was able to follow along with to create my first module. Simple Magento 2 Controller Module

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