It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything. It’s time to get going again!

However, this time, I am letting go of all my old content. I may hang on to it via some kind of legacy site for posterity, but at this point all that content is so old, that I wonder how much of it is still even correct. Perhaps I will review some of the more popular posts for accuracy and move those over.

The real inspiration for this radical change is Magneto 2. I have been using Magento 1 since 2010ish and I am starting to see that it is time to begin making the move to 2. It’s a completely different platform so there will be pain and learning; but so far, it’s been much less painful than trying to figure out how Magento 1 worked. In fact there are still a TON of spots in Magento 1 that are far too complicated for me to actually figure out to this day (I’m looking at you payment modules)

The design for the site is going to be this plain vanilla thing for awhile until I get the desire to throw some Bootstrap down on this.